Norquist Gets Nasty

Is Norquist getting desperate? Now he’s just being mean-spirited and nasty to joke that Obama finds bombing other countries to be entertainment. I’m beginning to think the man is actually sick.

“Grover Norquist expressed confidence on Thursday that Republican adherents to his rigid anti-tax hike platform would emerge victorious in upcoming budgetary scraps, joking that it would leave a bitter President Barack Obama to engage in a campaign of indiscriminately bombing “small countries” for his personal entertainment.”


Don’t Let Norquist Win!

“Jan. 1st is not the end of the fight,” Norquist said on C-SPAN. “It’s the beginning of the fight.”

That’s right, and we are in the fight. We have to let our elected leaders know that we the people are who they are beholden to, not Grover Norquist the lobbyist. Sign the petition, tell your friends, get in this fight. Because without the masses of people supporting our leaders to stand up to Norquist, we will have many more years of the same economic problems.

Shocker! Americans Don’t Like Promises To Never Raise Taxes On The Rich

From Scott Clement at the Washington Post:

Eighty percent of Americans agree on almost nothing (even Olympic swimming!).

But a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday found exactly such consensus on one of the central issues in the debate over the “fiscal cliff”: 85 percent of registered voters, including 77 percent of Republicans, said it was a “bad idea” for members of Congress to promise to “never increase taxes on corporations or the wealthy under any circumstance”.

Republicans Avoid Answering If They Support The Pledge

From John Romano at the Tampa Bay Times:

At this point, I’m not sure which is worse: swearing fealty to a lobbyist in the first place, or not having the courage to either embrace or disavow him now that it has become inconvenient.

The article goes on to state that Republicans are not necessarily speaking out against the Pledge, they are just trying not to address the questions posed to them at town halls and by journalists about the pledge.

It seems a growing number of lawmakers will do whatever contortions are necessary to avoid answering questions about their devotion to conservative activist Grover Norquist’s tax pledge.

Seriously, is the question really that hard?

Either you believe taxes should not be raised under any circumstance as the pledge indicated when you signed it, or you no longer subscribe to this ridiculously intractable position. It should be a simple yes or no.

Norquist Making Threats

Norquist: “Tea party two is going to dwarf tea party one if Obama pushes us off the cliff,” Norquist said. “Let’s not pretend who’s pushing us over the cliff.”

There is no pretending. We all know that it is the REpublican refusal to even consider tax revenue that is pushing us over the cliff. The American people know it, too, that is why Obama, who ran a “increase taxes” campaign won.

Did Norquist Fail His University Economics Class?

Watch this video for the answer.

He is confusing economics with religion. And he must have never figured out that an individual dollar doesn’t build much of a road, but lots of individual dollars combined can hire lots of workers to build an entire interstate, or a bridge or a dam, or a big wall at the border to try to stop illegal immigration or policemen to keep your communities safe or… It is such a simple concept that everyone understands it. For example, groups of people combine their dollars to buy multiple tickets in order to increase their chance of winning. Poor Norquist. Maybe his problem is that he just isn’t smart enough to understand complicated ideas.

And the point I try to make regularly is that Norquist has the right to his beliefs and to argue them publicly. He does not have the right to dictate policy to our elected leaders based on his own personal beliefs.

Republican Pundit Reveals Truth of Norquist’s Hold Over GOP

Neil McCabe, Sr. Reporter for Human Events, the website for “Powerful Conservative Voices, told Thom Hartmann about this week’s meeting that Grover Norquist holds for Republicans. After reading these revelations from McCabe, tell me again how it isn’t Norquist who our GOP leaders are making their pledge to.

Thom Hartmann Show 11/28

Hartmann: “A number of Republicans have come forward to disavow Grover Norquist’s pledge to never raise taxes: (R) Senator Bob Corker, (R) Senator Lindsey Graham, Saxby Chambliss, and yesterday, (R) Representative Tom Cole called on his fellow Republicans to take the President’s deal and extend the tax cuts for 98% of Americans, letting the expire for the top 2%. Neil, you had breakfast today with Grover Norquist…was everybody still kissing his ring or other parts of him?”

Neil McCabe: “The place was packed today. And, in fact, a representative from Boehner’s office, this is off the record, so I may be violating a confidence, but uh, a representative from Boehner’s office was there to, uh, express their support, and he also mentioned that Congressman Cole had been shut down, face to face, by Boehner himself, and told this is not moving forward.”

Hartmann: “I predicted that.”

McCabe: “Chambliss, of course, called, as I wrote on, Chambliss called Groer Norquist to apologize and say that he was confused…So, I think what is going to happen, is that people get twisted up, there is a great fever to try to get people to “defect.” Chuck Schumer put out a press release based on his floor remarks in the Senate yesterday, saying that certain Republicans want a divorce from Grover Norquist. I will tell you no such divorce is happening.”

You can watch the exchange here. It begins at about 15 minutes.