Norquist And Allies Put US Economy At Risk of Recession–Again

From the Huffington Post:

On Thursday, House Republicans walked out on Speaker John Boehner and formally rebuffed his public suggestion that they might be prepared to make a meaningful contribution to the fiscal cliff negotiations. But like the NRA, the House Republicans were unmoved by the urgency of the moment. The anti-tax pledge of the Republican party was formulated a quarter century ago under the premise that denying revenue to government would necessarily result in smaller government. Starve the beast was the mantra, and shrinking the size of government was the objective. But Norquist and his acolytes misjudged the American public and the Republican Party itself. As much as Americans in general, and Republicans in particular, might dislike paying taxes, neither has shown any interest in shrinking the size of government.

Norquist and the Republicans would risk a recession that would cripple our slowly recovering economy rather than increase taxes for people who can afford to donate millions of dollars to political campaigns, but don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes.

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