Republican Pundit Reveals Truth of Norquist’s Hold Over GOP

Neil McCabe, Sr. Reporter for Human Events, the website for “Powerful Conservative Voices, told Thom Hartmann about this week’s meeting that Grover Norquist holds for Republicans. After reading these revelations from McCabe, tell me again how it isn’t Norquist who our GOP leaders are making their pledge to.

Thom Hartmann Show 11/28

Hartmann: “A number of Republicans have come forward to disavow Grover Norquist’s pledge to never raise taxes: (R) Senator Bob Corker, (R) Senator Lindsey Graham, Saxby Chambliss, and yesterday, (R) Representative Tom Cole called on his fellow Republicans to take the President’s deal and extend the tax cuts for 98% of Americans, letting the expire for the top 2%. Neil, you had breakfast today with Grover Norquist…was everybody still kissing his ring or other parts of him?”

Neil McCabe: “The place was packed today. And, in fact, a representative from Boehner’s office, this is off the record, so I may be violating a confidence, but uh, a representative from Boehner’s office was there to, uh, express their support, and he also mentioned that Congressman Cole had been shut down, face to face, by Boehner himself, and told this is not moving forward.”

Hartmann: “I predicted that.”

McCabe: “Chambliss, of course, called, as I wrote on, Chambliss called Groer Norquist to apologize and say that he was confused…So, I think what is going to happen, is that people get twisted up, there is a great fever to try to get people to “defect.” Chuck Schumer put out a press release based on his floor remarks in the Senate yesterday, saying that certain Republicans want a divorce from Grover Norquist. I will tell you no such divorce is happening.”

You can watch the exchange here. It begins at about 15 minutes.


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