Did Norquist Fail His University Economics Class?

Watch this video for the answer.


He is confusing economics with religion. And he must have never figured out that an individual dollar doesn’t build much of a road, but lots of individual dollars combined can hire lots of workers to build an entire interstate, or a bridge or a dam, or a big wall at the border to try to stop illegal immigration or policemen to keep your communities safe or… It is such a simple concept that everyone understands it. For example, groups of people combine their dollars to buy multiple tickets in order to increase their chance of winning. Poor Norquist. Maybe his problem is that he just isn’t smart enough to understand complicated ideas.

And the point I try to make regularly is that Norquist has the right to his beliefs and to argue them publicly. He does not have the right to dictate policy to our elected leaders based on his own personal beliefs.


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