Norquist In The News Today

It looks like Norquist doesn’t even want the loopholes closed.

One of the proposals floated as a compromise involves ending some tax deductions for the wealthy, which would leave their 35 percent marginal tax rate unchanged, but effectively raise taxes anyway.

Norquist said that would violate his pledge, and added that Republicans who were talking about such deals — on the grounds that they will get reforms to entitlement programs and the tax system in return — are essentially living in a fantasy world.


And here is a good reason why this man’s influence must be stopped. He’s willing to put the economy at risk to play politics.

He [Norquist] did say that Republicans shouldn’t forget they have leverage in their negotiations with Obama: they can threaten not to raise the debt limit.

“They can give him debt ceiling increases once a month,” Norquist said.

Of course, when Republicans refused to increase the debt ceiling in 2011 without tying it to spending cuts, congressional fighting on the matter cost the U.S. economy $1.3 billion.

And here is the best for last. He’s equating raising taxes with murder.

“I’m not planning on losing the tax debate we’re having right now. But the tax issue will be more powerful in 2014 and ’16 than today,” he said at a breakfast hosted by Politico, predicting that even a loss could favor the GOP in the future if they remained steadfast against tax increases. “If the Republicans lose in such a way that they have their fingerprints on the murder weapon, then you have a problem.”



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